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Haleiwa, Hi, EST 2014

We Empower you to...

Take the driver's seat in your health and wellness. Too often in fitness we are focused on a singular pain point or muscle group instead of the big picture, a messy mix of feedback between systems. This includes your emotional attention, nervous system awareness and response to the outside world, as much as it does your physical body. At Sunset Beach Pilates we believe in awareness of the whole picture, even if it's just for your 1 hour in class.

Absolutely everyone has imbalances and by understanding how these imbalances show up in our life, we can begin to unwind and repattern, both the mind and the body, to create a holistic system for optimal health in all areas of life.

Change Your Posture Change Your life


Mental Focus + Information
Athletic Intensity

= Mental and Physical Progress

Movement Training

The Pilates method is an absolute machine meant to balance and strengthen the body back to it’s best position in space (perfect posture) so you can train efficiently and effectively.

Mental Training

A clear mind is sublime, but some of us are built to think. We embrace the wandering mind as our path towards healing. We work to re-pattern our thoughts in a way that allows us to learn the best way to move in our body for optimal performance.

The Bridge to Your Best

You will discover a special kind of power when you embrace the journey it takes to reach your goals. A consistent training program is key, and you can think of us as your conductor pushing you forward on the most direct route to your goals. Once you identify your body’s needs, it’s a simple matter of showing up. By breaking the mental and physical patterns that leave us helpless to time and gravity, we are limitless in our ability to build a brighter future.

The Studio

Our Sunset Beach studio on the North Shore of Oahu is surrounded by gorgeous sand beaches, and misty, emerald mountains. Our growth and expansion is reflected by the vibrant, athletic and health-conscious community on the North Shore. From World-class surfers to people recovering from injuries and pre/post-natal women---- the support of this space has helped a diverse clientele push to a new height in personal fitness.

The Community

We’ve cultivated a sacred space at Sunset Beach Pilates. Countless words of encouragement are exchanged and new friendships born within the walls of SBP. The community is truly a state of being, born out of a collective working towards their highest self together. Our community supersedes it’s physical space and we are so excited to share this with you, wherever you are, through our online memberships.

Our Team

Our world-class teachers provide the perfect mix of knowledge and support to help you progress in mind, body, and heart.

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