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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I start?

Purchase Studio Credit to save on classes and privates

STEP 2: Book!
If you are new, start with a private or semi-private with friends.Then move to the Foundations class. Sprinkle in Privates as needed.

STEP 3:  Be sure to create a log in
Use it each time before you book. You are free to make changes to your schedule up to 16 hours prior to your reservation.


Q. How much are classes?

Reformer private $52.50-$60 + tax*
Reformer class $35-$40 + tax*

* Discounts range if you Purchase Studio Credit— up to 12.5% off— making classes as low as $35 each, and privates $52.50 + tax. 


Q. It’s been a while... think I’ll make it through your Burnout class?

If you have experience on a reformer and a strong will to keep going, you’ll love it!  That said, every new client should start with a private.  

After your first private it’s a matter of scaling up until you find your desired intensity ratio, and the instructor balance that makes your body feel good.  

My perfect weekly schedule might look like this:

1 Foundations class for body awareness, alignment and a full-body strength balancing experience

1 Flow Dynamics or Cardio to get the heart rate up and sculpt but also move through a restorative flow.  

2 Burnout or Advanced Classes for the mental and physical challenge!  

2+ times per week is a good baseline.
Choose your own adventure!  This is about feeling good, not moving up the ladder.  ✨ 

Q. Do I have to be in shape to do Pilates?

In your first Private Class the instructor will recommend a plan for you.  This first meeting is key, and can be booked for up to 4 people at once.  A group of friends starting out together is a fun way to get started, and brings the price down.

Most people enjoy 4-6 privates before moving into group classes.  Check in with your instructor in that first class to know what's right for you.  

It's not just about being fit.  It's about understanding the Pilates method from the inside out, and being safe on the equipment.  Most of the people in group classes have been coming to this studio for years, and they will tell you it's a journey of understanding.  Even the simplest exercises require strong technique on the reformer.  

By starting with private instruction we can assure your success every step of the way.

Q. How often should I do Pilates each week?

3 times per week - The ideal practice 

2 times per week consistently - Excellent for toning and maintenance

4-5 times per week - Incredibly fast and effective results

*As with any workout plan, proper water intake and nutrition count the most!  

Q. Why is there a 16 hour cancellation policy?

We have a 16 hour cancellation policy out of respect for our teachers and their families. They are booked by the hour in each shift. 16 hours allows the teacher to book another client and fill that void.

Q: How do I cancel a class?

You can reschedule or cancel online anytime at least 16 hours in advance of our scheduled class by logging into your account.

Q. How long do I need to take Pilates for me to see changes in my body?

In less than one month you will feel a difference and hopefully even see one. Everyone responds differently but wonderful changes will happen if you commit to doing Pilates every week!

"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body.”

-Joseph Pilates

Q: What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing that allows for movement. No zippers. Grip socks are highly recommended and sold in the studio.

Q: Do you take walk-in appointments?

 We do not. All appointments & classes are by online appointment only.

Q: What is the best way to book an appointment?

The best way to book an appointment is by using our online booking system.

Q. Can I take Pilates if I am pregnant or post-natal?

Yes. Start with a Private with Carli, Jessica or Lucero.  Feel free to check in with Carli via text at 808-349-5817 so she can find a class or private option that is right for you.

Q: Is there someone I can talk to about my specific situation?

We are not staffed with a full-time receptionist but Carli is always available to help. She is best reached by text at 808-349-5817.

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