Key Elements for your Home Studio

06 May 2021

Whether you work a full time job, are frequently hitting the road on your next adventure, or are spending valuable time with family, it can be challenging to find the appropriate amount of time to complete a workout without sacrificing valuable sleep. You may find yourself craving a comfortable, personalized space at home that makes working out effortless and convenient for you. 

Constructing a home studio could be a worthwhile project that will allow you to complete your daily workout on your own schedule in a relaxed environment designed with your personal needs in mind. We have a few key elements to get you started in creating a home reformer studio that you will want to come back to every day. 

Creating an Atmosphere

Whether you have a spacious spare room, an additional area of your garage, or an unused shed you’ve always wanted to renovate, finding a space that suits your equipment is key. The goal of your home studio is to inspire activity, so be sure to keep it tidy between workouts. Consider including mirrors, ceiling fans, and sound systems to complete the studio feel. 

Selecting Equipment

If you do not yet have your own equipment at home, be sure that you make selections that will fit your home studio, giving yourself plenty of room to move. Interlocking floor mats are a clever way to keep your floors safe from equipment, while giving you a comfortable foundation. Storage options like a chest or bin will assist you in storing smaller equipment, mats, and towels.

Prepping for your Workout

Before you begin your home workout, we suggest a 5 minute self massage to warm and stretch out your muscles. Try EDES 800 CBD butter on your neck prior to practice, we are loving it and have the product in stock at Sunset Beach Pilates!

Finding an Online Program 

Once you and your space are prepped for a workout, it’s time to find a program that works best for you. Online programs can offer video classes with an instructor that you can access any time that you prefer.

Starting a Routine

One of the most challenging parts of working out at home can be keeping yourself accountable. Starting a routine can help with this task. Before you begin each workout, create a refreshment that feels special to you. Even adding one slice of lemon to your water bottle can do the trick. Warm tea to start your morning prior to your workout can also make a difference. 

Maintaining Motivation

When completing a class on your own, it can be challenging to remain motivated throughout the duration of the activity. Whether you prefer a candle or oil diffuser, filling your home studio with a scent that you love for your workout and using it each time you return can help inspire productivity. Peppermint and citrus are two scents that are proven to bring focus into a room. 

A chalkboard wall is a unique design element that can keep you focused, organized, and motivated. Write new fitness goals, mantras, and inspiration daily to stay on track. 

Looking to start your home fitness journey in your brand new studio? Explore online classes with Sunset Beach Pilates and find the right class for you. 

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