Pilates for Intimacy

13 September 2021

From deep breathing and sweating to burning calories and releasing endorphins, there is a strong correlation between physical fitness and sex. When it comes to Pilates, the assortment of trapeze-like equipment used may even imitate a scene from Fifty Shades of Grey, conjuring up a sense of curiosity and fantasy. With exercises like pelvic lifts and bridging, Pilates appears to be designed to help give your sex life a boost. While we can’t say pilates is the secret to having amazing sex, understanding the mind and body correlation in Pilates has changed many people’s lives when it comes to bedroom activites. 

Strength and flexibility can go a long way when it comes to physical intimacy. Pilates practice can help build endurance that will enable you to hold positions longer and try new ones, while increasing sexual pleasure through the connection of the inner thighs to lower abs. Having a strong core and limbs can allow you to hold yourself up using your arms and save you from back and neck pain during or after sex.

The impact of exercise can help transform you physically while calming your mind and releasing positive emotions. According to Carolyne Anthony, the founder of The Center of Women’s Fitness Pilates, “To totally enjoy having sex, you have to have the mind, body, and spirit in balance. The Pilates method is an excellent tool in your toolbox for bringing yourself into that optimal alignment.” Sex begins with the brain as feelings are transmitted throughout the body. The brain begins to feel free as blood flows and you feel refreshed and renewed. Those who practice Pilates develop a sense of awareness and mental focus and when these skills are brought into the bedroom, it can provide a much more pleasurable experience for you and your partner when you are both fully present intimately. 

In addition to freeing the mind, the Pilates method engages and strengthens the pelvic floor through each exercise. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles in your pelvis region that support your bladder and uterus. By activating and relaxing the pelvic floor, blood flow and circulation will cause stronger and longer orgasms and more pleasurable sex for partners of all genders. The stronger that these muscles become, the more intense the orgasm. Learning how to relax these muscles is just as important. As you maneuver your way into new positions, you will begin to have more control over each orgasm. Orgasms provide relief, pleasure, and collagen leaving your skin with an afterglow. Pilates can also help you discover and explore various erogenous zones.

Studies show that fifty percent of women feel that they have low sexual self-esteem and may feel anxious, embarrassed, or even unhappy with their sex lives. Self-love and acceptance can be achieved with the healing effects of Pilates practice as you begin to form a connection to your body and increase self-awareness. This confidence can translate into relationships for women, men, and non-binary individuals alike as you feel better in your own skin and start to know which type of physical intimacy works best for you. 

Intimacy can take many different forms in your life. Whether it includes improving and deepening communication methods, experimenting with self-pleasure, or building confidence in your body, Pilates can help cultivate self-intimacy, make you feel more comfortable with yourself, and allow you to feel grateful for all that your body is capable of. Pilates can give us strength, increased energy, improved posture making us stand taller and exude confidence, and ease everyday activities, improving our overall quality of life.

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